X-rays high definition
microtomograph SkyScan 1272
research is in process
Project manager Alina Popova
is working on supercritical
fluid extraction unit
Young graduate students
and engineers are working hard
3D core reconstruction
is in process
Site meeting at Mikhailovsky
mining and processing works
Center for engineering and technology for hard-to-recover reserves of Moscow Institute of physics and technology is the innovative engineering and research center offering wide scale of services in the field of hard-to-recover reserves using scientific, technical and human resources of MIPT (www.mipt.ru) as well as other leading universities and activily promoting own brand technological products.

Strategic activities

Hard-to-Recover Hydrocarbons
  • Creating specialized programming complexes
  • Integrated shale oil (Bazhen formation) fields research
  • Creating the oilfield development technology for shelf, in Arctic
Ore Mineral Resources
  • Creating the energy efficiency technology of milling and separation
  • Creating the technology of ore pretreatment and ore-dressing
Engineering and Technical Services
  • Hydraulic fracturing analysis and consulting service
  • Complex reservoir optimization services
  • Well construction engineering support service
  • 3D X-ray micro-tomography
High-Viscosity Oil and Metal-Bearing Reserves
  • Creating the map of the fields with high concentration of metal-bearing oil reserves
  • Creating the technology of metal extraction from metal-bearing oil reserves

In Our Center

Magomedov R.N., e.a. Method for demetallization of heavy petroleum feedstock. Patent RF, no. 2611416, 2017. .
Our Center is participating at The 6th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (SPIGF-2016) October 2016, 4–7.


Magistracy and postgarduate study