MIPT Center for engineering and technology
is the innovative engineering and research center offering wide scale of services in the field of hard-to-recover reserves.

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Center for engineering and technology for hard-to-recover reserves of Moscow Institute of physics and technology is the innovative engineering and research center offering wide scale of services in the field of hard-to-recover reserves using scientific, technical and human resources of MIPT (www.mipt.ru) as well as other leading universities and activily promoting own brand technological products.

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At the end of December 2017, Gazprom Neft summed up the annual contest "The Best Contractor". As a result of the contest, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology took First place in one nomination. At the annual Ceremony of the award "RECOGNITION OF THE BEST" the territory of exploration and production "Honorary prize was presented to the General Director of MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology, T.A. Tavberidze.

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New building for our Center constructed!

On November 23 new laboratory and educational building was solemnly opened. The total square of the building is 11 thousand m2. In the nearest future MIPT Center for engineering and technology, laboratories of the Institute of Arctic technologies, Center of extreme medicine, educational classes and lecture auditoriums will be located in the building. The building will be called Phistech.Arctic. The building was designed and built with our Center specialists participation.

More 23.11.2017
Gazprom Neft signs cooperation agreement with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Gazprom Neft has entered into a Cooperation Agreement with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) at this year’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum. The agreement was signed by Gazprom Neft First Deputy CEO Vadim Yakovlevand MIPT Rector Nikolay Kudryavtsev. The objective of this collaboration is to improve efficiency in developing oil and gas fields through the implementation of new technologies and solutions in oil and gas engineering, as well as through training highly qualified personnel, focussed on addressing the current challenges faced by oil and gas companies.

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MIPT Engineering center uniqueness is based on four prioritized activities development in interaction of scientific schools

Hard-to-recover hydrocarbons
  • Creating specialized programming complexes
  • Integrated shale oil (Bazhen formation) fields research
  • Creating the oilfield development technology for shelf, in Arctic
Metal-bearing reserves
  • Creating the map of the fields with high concentration of metal-bearing oil reserves
  • Creating the technology of metal extraction from metal-bearing oil reserves
Ore mineral resources
  • Creating the energy efficiency technology of milling and separation
  • Creating the technology of ore pretreatment and ore-dressing
Engineering and technical services
  • Hydraulic fracturing analysis and consulting service
  • Complex reservoir optimization services
  • Well construction engineering support service
  • 3D X-ray micro-tomography
Digital technologies in the industry
  • Petrophysical analysis of rock thin sections
  • Field data quality enhancement
  • Automatic well logging analysis
  • Hydraulics connectivity evaluation for production wells
  • Energy consumption optimization


- Students support with fundamental basis for oil and gas engineering application-oriented tasks solving

- Proving necessary minimum to start career in oil and gas industry

- Aquanting with oil and gas companies corporate culture

- Specialized software courses

Master programme



One of our work's aim is to attract Graduate students and undergraduates to the systematic research and development activities and to the further innovations oriented high qualification specialists training , having knowledge and skills in fundamental scientific researches as well as in area of engineering and applied oil and gas sector solutions.

If you you want to give your career good start, if you are looking for interesting projects, friendly team, possibilities of professional development, welcome to our Center!

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+7 (498) 744-65-35