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Digital technologies in the industry

The Digital Technologies in the Industry (DTI) Department provides a wide range of services in solution of optimization problems in UPSTREAM, DOWNSTREAM, MIDSTREAM of Oil & Gas industry based on digital technologies such as: 

  • Data Science (machine/deep learning);
  • Spectral analysis of digital signals, images, video content;
  • Internet of Things;
  • Data storage and security;
  • VR/AR technologies.

The ideology of the DTI department is based on formation of hybrid approaches for tackling customer problems - combining physical models and digital methods. In particular, the statistical training in application for industrial data is not self-sufficient tool, it is worth accounting for physics, technological specifications of examined processes. 

The Department covers a wide range of tasks, from well logging analysis to oil production optimization. The goal is to achieve targets agreed upon with the customer: CIN, additional production, NPV, VOI, quality of products etc. 

High-level professionals with experience gained in Russian and International companies, with strong physics and mathematical background of leading universities are involved into projects. The head of department is Semeon Budennyy.

Research automation

Automation of well logging, research of rock core, hydrodynamic studies and other research are under focus of the DTI department. These solutions allow to free up experts from routine work, which takes in most cases up to 90% of total time and consequently to focus them on tackling creative problems and to increase the quality of analysis as well.

Production optimization 

Oil production is a complex process involving specialists with various profiles, each of them is responsible for a specific set of problems. The multi-scale data and the disunity of competences make it complicated to conduct complex optimization of field development. The DTI department in cooperation with the department for engineering and technical services and the department of hard-to-recover hydrocarbons provides comprehensive services linking geophysical, geological, production and economic data.

Oil refining processes optimization

The DTI department is also focused on the solution of DOWNSTREAM tasks in optimization of control modes of the oil refining processes operating. Target indicators of optimization are the energy consumption level, quality of commodity products at the installation output. Search of an optimum is carried out by sharing of algorithms of statistical training and the physical and mathematical model describing material and power balances of the ongoing processes.

Other industries

The activity of DTI Department is not limited by solution of problems in Oil & Gas industry. It has experience of handling problems in the following sectors: healthcare, heavy industry, Telecom, ecommerce, insurance etc.