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Department for Engineering and Technical Services (ETS)

Center for Engineering and Technology integrates scientific potential of MIPT with experience of top oil and gas companies. Our employees have background in both R&D and operations segments of petroleum engineering.

Department for Engineering and Technical Services (ETS) provides a unique set of services combining scientific approach with deep understanding of industry specifics.

The concept of ETS department implies forming knowledge base on each field providing customers with engineering instruments for analysis of accumulated statistics and recommendations on E&P technologies improvement. One of approach specific features is applying means of complexing miscellaneous data sources considering data reliability for reducing ambiguity in making key operational decisions.

The department is managed by Alexander Bochkarev.

Hydraulic fracturing analysis and consulting service

One of priority development activities in our center is complex analysis and consulting in hydraulic fracturing. The concept of analysis includes accumulation of knowledge and best practices on each field environment with appliance of scientific approach and modelling.

Initial data analysis

Fracture design

Job execution support

Post-job analysis

An example of fracturing complex analysis cycle

Complex reservoir optimization services

Specifics of complex optimization of production systems and surface piping implies integrated considerations of topographic surface properties, pads locations, directional well surveys and pad slotting. Simultaneous optimization of all key parameters provides a new approach to E&P project planning.

Well construction engineering support service

Deepwater conditions, low temperatures, gas migration risks and high level of ambiguity require scientific approach to modelling of key technological processes including direction surveys optimization, drilling mud circulation, wellbore geomechanics, cementing operations and express decisions with actual geological conditions.

3D X-ray micro-tomography

Our center also offers structural core analysis service including micro-tomography with resolution up to 35 mkm.