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“Technologies of exploration and processing of metal-bearing reserves” department

The Technologies of exploration and processing of metal-bearing reserves Department carries out scientific research and engineering in the field of processing of metal-bearing reserves (ores and high-viscosity crudes), develops new materials for selective isolation of metals from technological solutions and for the liquidation of the oil spill consequences, and also provides services on the analytical support of projects on the basis of the instrument park of the Engineering Center.

The concept of the Department is to apply an integrated approach when dealing with the Customer: from the stage of solution searching and scientific developments for achieving the goal to the support of technology implementation at the Customer's production.

The Department consists of 3 Doctors of Science, 8 PhD, postgraduate students and specialists in the area of petrochemistry, analytical chemistry, colloid chemistry, technology of inorganic substances, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, ecological geology. The Head of Department is Tatiana Maryutina, Doctor of Science.

Scientific research and developments

The main competence of the Department is the development of the technology of demetalization of petroleum feedstock, aimed at increasing the depth of oil refining (upgrading of heavy petroleum feedstock). This technology is the solvent deasphalting (SDA) technology of heavy petroleum feedstock using supercritical fluid extraction. The creation and implementation of a new solvent technology for the upgrading of heavy petroleum feedstock will allow to involve additional volumes of oil residues into the deep processing and to increase the output of marketable products (gasoline, diesel fuel and aviation kerosene) with improved quality and to ensure the non-waste production.

Phase diagram


Reactor systems for the investigation of SDA using organic / inorganic solvents


The Department carries out comprehensive work on the study of physical and chemical properties, as well as the quantitative and qualitative composition of crude oil (including heavy feedstock) for various purposes, including impact assessment of the composition of petroleum feedstock on functioning of oil refining equipment.

The competence of the Department in the field of research and development also includes:

  • development of the technology for regeneration of used lubricants;
  • development of new generation sorbents for selective recovery of platinum group metals from technological solutions;
  • development of effective dispersants for removal of marine aquatory oil contamination under arctic conditions;
  • creation of silver-based filtering material for fine water purification

Engineering services

The engineering competences of the Department are determined by three areas:

  • organization and realization of full cycle R&D for preparation of Basic Engineering Packages for new facilities in the chemical and oil and gas industry and carrying out patenting of the results of R&D in the interests of the Customer;
  • development of a conceptual project, including the selection of the technological process (licensor company), analysis of the main technical solutions, budget evaluation and development of the technical task for the project feasibility study;
  • optimization of existing production for the chemical and oil and gas industry, including analysis of the known technology, search for the drawbacks and opportunities to increase productivity / improve the quality of products, increase the energy efficiency of production through detailed pinch analysis.

Analytical support of projects on the basis of the instrument park of mipt engineering center

The Department provides services to determine the quality of hydrocarbon feedstock and products of its processing:

  • Hydrocarbon composition;
  • Fractional composition;
  • Elemental composition;
  • SARA-analysis;
  • Density;
  • Viscosity (dynamic/kinematic);
  • Sulfur content;
  • Carbon residue;
  • Asphaltenes content;
  • Ash content;
  • Softening point.