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Master program

Science Engineering:

Oil and gas fields modeling


«Modeling and technologies of oil fields production» departmentDepartment manager: Doctor of physics and mathematics, professor Aleksander Koldoba

Program purpose

  1. - Students support with fundamental basis for oil and gas engineering application-oriented tasks solving
  2. - Proving necessary minimum to start career in oil and gas industry
  3. - Aquanting with oil and gas companies corporate culture
  4. - Specialized software courses

Basic courses

  1. Reservoir hydrodynamics, well hydrodynamics
  2. Reservoir geomechanics
  3. Numerical simulation
  4. Applied software development
  5. Optimal control theory
  6. Machine learning, BIG DATA
  7. Experiment planning

Specialized courses

  1. Geological modeling
  2. Petrophysics
  3. Construction and completion of wells
  4. Hydrodynamic modeling
  5. Oil and gas engineering optimizing tasks
  6. Integrated design and oil production economy
  7. Oil and gas industry trends analysis

Program partners

Program advantages

  1. Focus on application-oriented tasks in oil and gas industry solving
  2. Cooperation with oil and gas companies experts
  3. Obtaining skills in an application software
  4. Work in real sector companies in ongoing projects
  5. Acquaintance to the latest relevant scientific and technological results in oil and gas industry

Discipline split

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Details on the MIPT website. Our program is - №9